Cameron Harbor


One of our newer neighborhoods in Chattanooga, Cameron Harbor welcomes runners as they approach the beautiful view of the Tennessee River and iconic bridges of Chattanooga. This neighborhood will be ready with music and cheers as the runners are just beginning their race!


Corner of Fortwood Place & Vine Street


A prime spot to cheer on runners as they come down Fortwood and turn onto Vine St. to run through the beautiful campus of University of Tennessee Chattanooga. There will be live music in Perkins Park, inspirational posters, and cowbells! With the help of UTC Greek Life, this will be an amazing spot to watch the race and have a fun time!

Highland Park

Corner of Holtzclaw and Bailey


Highland Park neighborhood has a tight group of community members who come out to cheer on and support the race festivities. They are known to have the most creative motivational signs for runners as they run past the National Cemetery and head towards Main Street.

Main Street

Merchants on Main

Runners approach the final stretch of the race and will get that extra boost of energy as they pass by the neighborhood of Jefferson Heights. Families and businesses come out to embrace the energy and excitement of runners coming down Main Street and cheer them on for those final few miles!


Jazzanooga Arts Space - 401 Martin Luther King Blvd.


Local musical non-profit, Jazzanooga is in their element on race day as they rock out to their jazz music singing and dancing as the runners pass by and continue down the up and coming neighborhood of MLK.



Head over to Brewhaus for some morning brunch, live music and good times as you cheer on the runners passing by Brewhaus on Frazier Ave. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.