Team Relay

The marathon team relay is designed to give teams of two to four members a chance to run the same great 26.2 mile course as everyone else, but each runner will only run a portion of the course. Each leg will be between six and seven miles. We will shuttle team members to the exchange points along the course. This race provides a great opportunity for co-workers, friends, and families to compete together and have a lot of fun while while running through some of Chattanooga’s most scenic areas.

race details

  • Distance:   26.2 Miles
  • Registration:   $200.00
  • Date:   Sunday, March 3, 2019
  • Start Time:   7:30 am
  • Start Location:   First Tennessee Pavilion

Additional Information

Everything you need to know for the Marathon Relay! Information includes start and finish locations for each runner, miles run, course description as well as shuttle information. Be sure to check out the important times for shuttles so all your teammates are in the loop!

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cancellation policy

Due to the upfront nature of event costs, we have a uniform policy of no refunds or deferrals to a future year. We know that plans change and unexpected things come up, but we feel it is most fair to apply a uniform policy to all, instead of an arbitrary line of who merits a refund and who doesn't. Thank you for understanding.

Schedule & Resources
Schedule and resources